Pink Sapphire 1.03 Ct

Oval mixed cut (Heated)

Natural Diamond 1.00 Ct VS1
Pink Diamond 1.00 Ct VVS
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Alexandrite 0.7 Ct Cushion Mixed Cut

Colored, natural untreated gemstone Weight: 0.7 Ct Size: 4.77 x 4.60 x 3.51 mm Color: Daylight: Deep Yellowish Bluish Green, Incandescent Light: Purple IGI Certificate incl.

Price: 1.280,00 € 882,00 €
Natural Fire Opal 1.94 Ct Oval Mixed Cut

Colored, natural untreated gemstone Weight: 1.94 Ct Size: 10.11 x 7.22 x 5.59 mm Color: Reddish Orange IGI Certificate incl. https://www.igi.org/verify-your-report/?r=553243395

Price: 120,00 € 108,00 €
Brillant 1.01 Ct VS with very slight clouding

BrillantWeight: 1.01 Carat Size: 6.20 x 6.20 x 4.00 mm Color: yellow VS with very slight clouding Due to constantly changing availability, we would like to ask youto make an inquiry before maki

Price: 8.400,00 € 7.560,00 €
Diamond 0.7 Ct VVS

DiamondWeight: 0.70 Carat Size: 5.66 x 5.76x 3.40 mm Color: white. I VVS2 Report http://www.igi.org/verify.php?r=600310769 Due to constantly changing availability, we would like to ask

Price: 3.100,00 € 2.268,00 €
Natural Diaspore 11.74 Ct. Square Imperial Mixed Cut

Colored, natural untreated gemstone Weight: 11.74 Ct Size: 13.26 x 13.00 x 9.25 mm Color: Daylight: Bluish yellowish green, Incandescent Light: greenish pinkish brown, transparent IGI Certificate

Price: 2.399,00 € 2.159,10 €
Sapphire 6.16 Ct

Sapphire Weight: 6.16 Carat Size: 10.61 x 9.87 x 6.54 mm Color: Dark greenish blue, trasparent IGI Certificate incl.: https://www.igi.org/verify-your-report/?r=553243387

Price: 739,00 € 665,10 €


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